Our teacher, Flint Sparks

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Future retreat dates in Madison

  • March 21-22
    Spring 2018 Workshop with Flint Sparks, PhD
    Death, Destiny and Character
    Wednesday Evening, March 21, Public Talk 6:45 pm – 8:30 pm & Thursday March 22, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
    The best definition of success has nothing to do with money or fame. It is the ability to deliberately change one’s character. Character is what shapes our destiny. In the current social and political climate we must turn our attention and our practices toward calling forward the best in all of us. How do we manifest this in our own lives, our closest relationships, and professional activities and encourage each other in a world that does not always seem to reward wholesome character?

    More details and registration materials are found at ODZC Spring 2018 Workshop Information.

  • March 22-25
    Spring 2018 Meditation Retreat with Flint Sparks, PhD
    Being a Sane Person in an Insane World:
    Living an Ethical, Kind, Compassionate Life
    Thursday, March 22, 7 pm – Sunday, March 25, noon
    Given the social and political circumstances in our country and around the world, it is important not to lose sight of what an upright person of sound moral character looks and acts like. We are presented daily with situations and conditions that trigger reactions and remarks. To live a life of integrity guided by kindness, compassion, and ethics, we need to create conscious, deliberate choices using our intentions as a guide. The practices and guidance of moral mindfulness training support the development and sustainability of an ethical and upright character.

    This retreat will focus on personal and communal ethical training using an exemplary human being, Vimalakirti, from classical Mahayana Buddhist teachings.

    More details and registration materials are found at ODZC Spring 2018 Retreat Information.

  • July 21: We will be hosting a one-day practice retreat led by Peg Syverson.
  • October 17-21: We will be hosting our annual Fall retreat with Flint Sparks, topic to be determined.
Recordings from recent retreats are available in Practice Resources